US Immigration Program – L1A

US – L1A Visa Overview

The L1-A visa business is a non-Immigration visa. With the L1-A visa, the applicant has the right to reside and work legally in the United States without any work permits and have permanent residence opportunities in the future.

Chương trình định cư Mỹ - Diện L1A

This program was approved by the US government in 1970 to attract businessmen, investors, and good executives to settle in the US, strengthen their business potential
Commercial economy.
Understandably, the L1A visa is only for managers/business executives who must be competent and responsible for the key tasks assigned in the business invested in the USA. The main task of a manager/executive is often related to policy, operational management, planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the overall operations of the business, they work with employees to achieve business goals.

L1A visa Benefits

When participating in the L1A visa program, the applicant will receive many benefits:

  • The applicant and family have legally immigrated to the United States so that the applicant who manages the company and family gets the same social benefits as a permanent resident or US citizen.
  • Processing time is faster than EB5 or EB3
  • The spouse or relatives may go to work after getting a work permit
  • After the L1A visa has entered and worked 1 year in the US, the applicant can renew or extend the L1A visa for 3 years (2 times).
  • After a minimum period of 18-24 months, along with certain conditions, L1A visa holders can apply for permanent residence for the whole family.
  • Have the right to open branches, representative offices, purchase and trade in any state in the United States.
  • Children can go to school for free and enjoy social benefits like a native speaker.
  • To receive social income when becoming a Permanent Resident.
  • Visa-free access to the United States after obtaining a green card, when becoming a U.S. citizen, can travel to over 160 countries without a visa

Conditions of participation in the L1A visa program

1. For enterprises

  • To join the US settlement program under L1-A Visa, businesses need to meet the following conditions:
  • There is a relationship between a company in the US and a foreign company (parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate, collectively referred to as an eligible organization).
  • The company in Vietnam must operate for at least 1 year and is still under normal development.
  • Currently, or will do business in the form of a business in the United States and directly or indirectly own at least one eligible organization in another country during the L1-A visa period America.
  • The business size is not specified. However, reality shows that USCIS applies more stringent standards to small and medium-sized business organizations. USCIS may ask questions about the company’s financial position and ability to pay beneficiaries. For companies with offices that are too small or merely present in the United States, the possibility of rejection from USCIS is higher.

2. For employees (directors, managers, specialized staff)

  • Employees must work for a qualified organization outside the United States as a director/manager or professional for a continuous year starting from the three preceding years before applying for an L-1A visa to the United States and be transferred to the United States to work at the manager/operator level.
  • Desire to enter the United States to operate/administer or provide expertise to a branch of the same business or an organization affiliated with it.
  • Companies in Vietnam: Employees must hold a Manager position or an Executive position at a company and this company has been operating for at least 1 year.
  • Companies in the US: Must have a business by opening a representative office or acquiring a business or company operating in the United States.
  • At the same time, it is necessary to prove the relationship between Vietnamese and American companies.

A time limit of L1A Visas

The initial maximum period of stay in the United States for a non-immigrant L1A Visa is 3 years. However, you can apply for an extension of your time in the United States. The total length of stay for the executive director/manager is 7 years. The entire stay for staff with specialized knowledge is 5 years. If the US office is a “new office,” USCIS will issue the first visa for 1 year.
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