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Japan Overview

Japan – The land of the rising sun is not only famous for cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji but also the cradle of a unique and diverse culture, friendly people, and advanced science.

    • 3rd largest economy in the world
    • Famous for having the lowest crime level in the world
    • There are many job opportunities
    • Japan is quite respectful of freedom and personal rights

It can be said that Japan is a great country for those who want to ” settling down with a house and a job”. Therefore, the demand for Japanese settlement of citizens worldwide in general and Vietnam, in particular, is increasing rapidly.

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Immigration Program Conditions:

Great benefits when settling in Japan

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Nhat Vợ Chồng Nhật
Nhat Phúc lợi
Nhat Miễn phí
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Specialist Japanese immigration advisory service

We provide visa consulting service, we commit to fast, professional, and effective process to help the customers in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces in Viet Nam.

Viva group is a business connecting and trade. We import-export to foreign countries such as the US, Canada, Europe,… over the past 10 years. Viva Consulting under Viva Group administration with senior advisors on Immigration and International Lawyers helps the Vietnamese people in choosing a settlement program that suits their family.

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Viva Consulting is always committed to ensuring our customers all about the legality of the records. With many years working in the field of providing visa service, Viva Consulting’s team always provides customers with the fastest, most guaranteed, and prestigious visa service in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

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After PR (permanent resident), individuals and families will enjoy the world’s leading modern social welfare, education and health care in Canada, USA, Europe and Japan. Viva Consulting realizes the dream of settling down for all Vietnamese customers!