Cyprus Investment Immigration Program

Cyprus is an island nation located in the Eastern Mediterranean with a population of over 800,000 people, one of the top countries has the highest standard of living in Europe. Investment Immigration Cyprus is the best program for investors in the world and Vietnam.

Chương trình Đầu Tư Định Cư Cyprus (Síp)

Cyprus – Overview 

Cyprus is the island nation of West Asia, located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and south of the Anatolia peninsula. Cyprus has a long history and declared its independence since 1925 and named the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus is the third-largest island nation in the Mediterranean region and is one of the tourist attractions with more than 2.4 million visitors each year. Cyrus is the only country in Switzerland in the top 5 of ranking on the economy and tourism (surpass London, Madrid, and Monaco).

Joining the European Union since 2004, Cyprus has the most developed economy in the region. Cyprus is ranked 5th in the top of the best settlements in the world by the international life survey.

The Cyprus Investment Immigration Program

The Cyprus investment immigration program was issued in April 2013 which grants permanent residency for non-European citizens with the condition that has an investment in real estate, security, and a single value of € 350,000. The Cyprus investment immigration program applies to investors, their spouses, and dependent children up to the age of 25.

Settling Cyprus is considered the fastest way to become a European citizen and taking all the benefits of a European citizen: allowing families to live in Cyprus and their own country. , conduct business activities, and own a business in Cyprus.

The Cyprus settlement program is considered as a suitable and easy program for Vietnamese people because it does not require language and education. In 2 years, it takes only 1 day in Cyprus … After 7 years, usually, Residents can become citizens of Cyprus and the EU, receive health care regimes anywhere in EU countries, and can travel without Visa in 158 countries around the world.

Currently, investment in Cyprus is implemented in two forms: Citizenship Investment Program and Permanent Resident Program.

Great benefits of immigration program in Cyprus

1. Citizenship investment program

The “Citizenship Investment” program, initiated by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus within the past few years, has officially made the Republic of Cyprus an “ ideal place” for high-class who decided to Cyprus to invest and make a living.
Advantages of citizenship investment program:
  • Quick approval time (about 8 months)
  • The process is quick and simple
  • Free movement in the EU
  • Visa exemption travel to 158 countries
  • There are no language requirements
  • Dual citizenship is permitted
  • No tax incurred
  • Citizens of all other countries can join the program
  • Guarantees for the whole family, including children under 28 years old
  • Valid for the whole life

2. Regarding the permanent resident program

The Republic of Cyprus is becoming popular for people who looking for permanent residence in European Union member countries. The Republic of Cyprus prides itself on being one of the easiest and fastest immigration support in Europe in just two months.
Advantages of the permanent resident program:
· The process is quick and simple: It is granted in 2 months
· Easy to move in the EU
· There are no language requirements
· Citizens of all other countries can join the program
· Just to Cyprus every 2 years
· Guarantee for the whole family, including relatives and parents of the applicant and spouse
· Valid for the whole life

Conditions of receiving the permanent resident card to settle in Cyprus

1. Citizenship by investment program (real estate investment of 2 million Euro)

  •  Naturalization of the European Union in the Republic of Cyprus can be done through real estate investments worth 2 million Euros as long as the investor maintains a property worth 500,000 Euros (plus VAT) as the location.
  •  It is possible to invest in one or more real estate categories.
  •  Requires an additional investment of 150,000 Euro (75,000 Euro for Research and Innovation Fund / 75,000 Euro for Land Development Organization of Cyprus)
  •  If investing in commercial, tourism, or land properties, the total value of the investment must be worth 2.5 million Euros as long as the investor maintains a property worth € 500,000 (plus VAT) of the main residence address.
  •  Principal investments can be sold again after five (5) years, however, investors must always maintain/buy a property worth at least 500,000 Euro (plus VAT).
  •  Clean criminal record.
  •  Applicants must hold a valid Schengen Visa to be eligible to become a Cyprus Citizen.

2. The permanent resident program (real estate investment from 300,000 Euro)

The Permanent Resident Registration Program grants a Permanent Resident Card to foreigners who intend to invest in Cyprus if they meet the conditions such as:
  •  House or property with a minimum market value of € 300,000 + VAT purchased in the Republic of Cyprus
  •  Have an annual profit from abroad and from other sources than in the Republic of Cyprus
  •  The cash is transferred from abroad and deposited in a bank in the Republic of Cyprus, in the Deposit Account with a term of three years.
  •  Permanent resident holders must live in the Republic of Cyprus at least every two years to maintain their residency status.