English Japan Settlement

 Faced with labor shortage status and a declining birth rate, Japan has expanded settlement policies to attract human resources and investment in the world.


Japan Overview

Japan – The land of the rising sun is not only famous for cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji but also the cradle of a unique and diverse culture, friendly people, and advanced science.
The Japanese economy is a highly developed free-market economy. Known for having the lowest crime rate in the world, you may feel very comfortable when living in any area of ​​Japan. In Japan, there are many job opportunities for foreigners, especially in the field of education and technology. Japanese law is quite comprehensive, you will always get respect for your freedom and personal rights. Japan considered the most stable in Asia.
It can be said that Japan is a great country for those who want to ” settling down with a house and a job”. Therefore, the demand for Japanese settlement of citizens worldwide in general and Vietnam, in particular, is increasing rapidly.

Japanese Immigration program

In recent years, Japan has been trying to improve immigration policies to attract talented people in other countries in the world.

Immigration Program Conditions:

  • Ages 22-59
  • Must have a university degree
  • Proof your finance that you have sufficient financial resources.
  • Applicant requirement, the owner of the company is Japanese (Viva Consulting support)
  • The company does not need profit in the first 2 years. In 3rd year must be profitable.
  • (Viva Consulting can support each year for each individual with service package: Tax declaration, etc.)
  • The partner is a large real estate corporation in Tokyo, so it will be preferentially leased offices, support the establishment, trading, …
  • No foreign language required.

Great benefits when settling in Japan

  • You are allowed to live and work in Japan forever
  • With Japanese nationality, you can travel without a visa in many countries.
  • Spouses and children are allowed to go to Japan with no age restrictions.
  • Having rights in social security (pension, insurance, education, welfare, etc.). Children can go to high school for free and receive preferential treatment from the government when attending university.
To live in Japan, you need a visa application and through a review process with an extremely complicated and difficult process. Therefore, if you are planning to settle in Japan, don’t hesitate to contact us to make your dream come true.