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We provide visa consulting service, we commit to fast, professional, and effective process to help the customers in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces in Viet Nam.

Visa Sạch

Viva group is a business connecting and trade. We import-export to foreign countries such as the US, Canada, Europe,… over the past 10 years. Viva Consulting under Viva Group administration with senior advisors on Immigration and International Lawyers helps the Vietnamese people in choosing a settlement program that suits their family.

In 2019 to maintain credibility and opportunities for customers to get a Visa, we have limited the number of sponsored visas per month to 12 portions for US, Canada, and European.

Viva Consulting is always committed to ensuring our customers all about the legality of the records. With many years working in the field of providing visa service, Viva Consulting’s team always provides customers with the fastest, most guaranteed, and prestigious visa service in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.


The difficulties when applying for a visa?

Đây có phải là những khó khăn lớn nhất của bạn khi xin visa?

  • Blank passport has never been to any country.
  • Do not know how to start and update the latest information about visa procedures.
  • Do not have enough money or property, how to prove the financial source
  • Do not know how to prepare an answer for the interview with the consulate
  • Do not know how to prove the intention to return to Vietnam
  • Do not have a permanent job and proof of income
  • The young age, so unable to prove the trust-creating constraints for the consulate.
  • Your area of residence is on the Embassy’s blacklist because many people have fled and worked illegally in their country.

Viva Consulting Commitments 

  • Do not receive indiscriminate records, have thorough record censorship
  • Listed prices and guarantees do not have any costs incurred.
  • Quality is more important than quantity, always delivered on time
  • Guarantee all the legality of the records
  • Always accompany customers in the whole process, from preparing documents to get successful Visa applications.

Proud to be a reputable and quality visa service company in Vietnam, Viva Consulting always puts success and customer satisfaction is the top priority.
For any questions about conditions, applications, procedures of applying for a visa, feel free to contact us: