English Settlement Netherlands – Paradise to settle down and study abroad

The Netherlands is one of the beautiful countries with a high percentage of Vietnamese people living. To be allowed to settle and permanently reside by the Government, the citizens from other countries must take a special exam about the understanding of culture, linguistics, economy, and history in the Netherlands.

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Netherlands – Overview

The Netherlands is a beautiful and prosperous country located in the Northwest of Europe with an area: ​​41,848 km2 and a population: 16.6 million. The Dutch people are always proud of the beautiful landscapes with tulips, giant windmills, dikes, and the most beautiful kingdoms in the world. The Netherlands has an unusual name “the country of flowers”.
The Netherlands is not only famous for its natural beauty but also its social diversity and perfect education system. Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands was named the “Venice of the North”, the capital of economy and tourism. The Port of Rotterdam is the largest in the world, playing an extremely important role in the country’s economic development strategy.
Referring to the Netherlands, many people immediately think of this as an ideal destination for studying abroad. However, more and more Vietnamese people want to live and settle here to enjoy the country’s exceptional quality social benefits.

The Dutch immigrant program

The Netherlands is one of the countries with a high percentage of Vietnamese people living.
The Government always has a policy of welcoming individuals who are citizens with economic conditions, education, and skills to help the country’s economy grow.

The benefits when settling in the Netherlands

Known as a country with good social welfare, but not only that, many people choose the Netherlands as a destination to settlement for the reasons:
  •  When you have an immigrant visa, your spouse or other relatives can move to the Netherlands
  •  A Good education environment for children to attend prestigious schools in the world.
  •  A good business environment for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business in the Netherlands.
  •  The world’s most advanced healthcare and facilities.
  •  Clean environment, mild climate, easy to adapt.
  •  Having Dutch citizenship, you can travel and do business anywhere in EU countries.
  •  The Dutch Passport is ranked 6th and is in the top 10 most powerful passports in the world, allowed to travel to many countries without a visa.
  •  Foreign language proficiency is usually not required when applying for a visa and residing.
The conditions when settling in the Netherlands.

Immigrate with a Start-up Visa Program

1. Requirements for Start-up

Having a reliable and experienced advisor  in the Netherlands who will guide and support you in the first year.
One of the conditions for obtaining a residence permit is to work with a business advisor. This cooperation must be agreed upon between the entrepreneur and your advisor.
The advisor offers Start-up an appropriate support package depending on the specific needs of the Start-up. The advisor can help manage operations, marketing, research, and acquisition investments to establish a new business.

2. Conditions of the advisor

  •  Must have experience in guiding creative start-ups.
  •  Must have sufficient finances.
  •  In any case, the advisor may not be admitted or bankrupt and do not have negative equity.
  •  The advisor is not a member of a family of 3 generations (children, parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles) of start-up entrepreneurs.
  •  The Dutch Business Authority (RVO) evaluates whether the advisor  meets the above conditions and maintains a list of instructors that meet the above conditions.

3. Conditions of Start-Up products and services

Products or services have at least 1 of 3 aspects below:
  •  Products or services are new in the Netherlands.
  •  Related to new technology for manufacturing, distribution, or marketing.
  •  Involves a process and method creation organization.

4. Entrepreneurs start a business plan, know how to turn from an idea into a real business.

5. Entrepreneurs and supporters are both registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

With HIGH SKILL settlement

This is a skilled labor settlement program and is considered to be the fastest approved immigration program in just 3 months.

1/ The Requirements to apply for a High Skill visa:

  •  Graduated University
  •  Not required in English
  •  Have a job offers in the Netherlands
  •  Experience or qualifications related to the profession in the Netherlands

2/ Conditions for Dutch nationality:

  •  Lived and worked in the Netherlands for 5 years
  •  Working for the first time in the Netherlands is 9 months
  •  Pay the full tax to the Dutch government
  •  Do not work against the law in the Netherlands
  •  Demonstrate work experience related to the position
  •  Exam for citizenship after 5 years living in the Netherlands
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