English Canada settlement – business and investment immigration

With the Canada settlement – business and investment immigration, Local authorities want to select individuals made positive contributions to their economies and the welfare of their citizens.. Once accepted, applicants can apply for Canadian permanent resident (PR ) status nominations.


Canada – Overview 

Tổng quan về Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world located in North America. Canada is known as one of the richest countries in the world with per capita income ranked 8th globally and the 11th highest human development index. Canada has the development of the educational system, government transparency, civil liberties, economic freedom, and quality of life.

This country not only famous for majestic natural scenery, but also multicultural culture, advanced education, and good social welfare.

Therefore, more and more people choose Canada as a destination to settle down. Especially, Canada Settlement-Business immigration got the most attention in Vietnam and the world and

About Canadian settlement – business and investment immigration

Tổng quan về định cư Canada theo diện doanh nhân

Settling in Canada as a business and investment immigration for business owners or investors in Vietnam intends to do business or invest in Canada. The immigration program is issued by the Government of Canada in general and the provinces, in particular, to attract foreign entrepreneurs to live and work in Canada. This is the way to help business owners and investors get permanent resident cards to settle in Canada enjoy the certain benefits of permanent resident cards.

The Canadian immigration program is issued by the Canadian government with main purposes is:

  • Promote Canada’s regional economic development. This is the most important factor because it directly determines the quality of life and people’s income.
  • Addressing the shortage of human resources in Canada, especially in economically disadvantaged areas.

The application must go through a review process to select investors who bring potential economic development to Canada. Canada has always created a great attraction for entrepreneurs and investors in Vietnam and this is the most suitable way for you to get Canadian citizenship.

Currently, Viva Consulting provides services for 8 areas of Canadian investment immigration, there are:

  1.  Settled in Canada as Quebec immigrant investor
  2. Settled in Canada as business immigration includes 7 provinces: Ontario, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia

Top reasons to settle in Canada as the business and investment immigration

When participating in the Canadian immigration program for entrepreneurs, the applicant will enjoy the following benefits:

  •  Normally the applicant will receive WP (Work permit) in about 02 years for the whole family. After the candidate meets the conditions, will be issued a PR. However, in some provinces, candidates will be granted a PR when the application is approved.
  •  Enjoy many social security and health care benefits in Canada
  •  After a period of living is granted a permanent visa and apply for Canadian citizenship
  •  Live with your family, work and study as a citizen in Canada
  •  Maintaining dual citizenship Canada and Vietnam
  •  Free tuition from elementary school to high school for children
  •  Enjoy all benefits of social security, health care, education … protected by Canadian laws like native speakers.

The requirements for business and investment immigration in Canada

Điều kiện để tham gia visa định cư Canada theo diện doanh nhân

The requirements of business immigration in 8 immigration categories.

1. Settling in Canada as an investor in Quebec

Định cư Canada theo diện đầu tư Tỉnh Bang Quebec

  • Having a minimum investment cost of CAD 1.2 million
  •  Has a net worth of 2 million CAD which has been legally accumulated
  •  Detailed financial proof, including proof of income
  •  Prescribing the minimum residence time is 2 years / 5 years
  •  No minimum investment term required

2. Settling in Canada as business immigration in Ontario

Định cư Canada theo diện doanh nhân Tỉnh Bang Ontario

  •  Having a minimum investment cost of 500,000 CAD
  •  Have a minimum net worth of CAD 800,000
  •  Create at least 2 full-time job positions and stable jobs for Canadian citizens
  •  Applicants must possess at least 2 years of management experience
  •  Foreign language requirements Club5 (English or French)

3. Settling in Canada as business immigration in Saskatchewan

Định cư Canada theo diện doanh nhân Tỉnh Bang Saskatchewan

  • Legal possession of the personal property of at least 500,000 CAD
  •  At least 3 years of experience in senior management, or business ownership.
  •  Minimizing investment capital: 200,000 – 300,000 CAD (depending on region)
  •  Directly involved in business management operations.

4/ Settling in Canada as business immigration in Prince Edward Island Province

Định cư Canada theo diện doanh nhân Tỉnh Bang Prince Edward Island

  •  Business investment/business administration with a minimum investment of 150,000 CAD and a 1-year PEI residence
  •  Minimum assets of 600,000 CAD
  •  3 years of management experience in 5 years working
  •  Proof of financial details
  •  Score points required
  •  Satisfactory survey and interview
  •  Foreign language at least club level 4.0
  •  Level: high school education or higher
  •  Age 21 – 59

5. Settling in Canada as business immigration in Newfoundland and Labrador Province

Định cư Canada theo diện doanh nhân Tỉnh Bang Newfoundland và Labrador

  • At least 5 years of working experience in a senior management position or business owner with a business type similar to the intended business.
  • Have minimum assets of $ 450,000 of which at least $ 350,000 are liquid assets.
  • Signing a Performance Contract will invest a minimum of $ 200,000 in establishing a new business or acquiring part or all of an existing business.

6. Settling in Canada as business immigration in the Province of New Brunswick

Định cư Canada theo diện doanh nhân Tỉnh Bang New Brunswick

  • Deposit CAD 100,000 to get a provincial nomination
  •  Invest at least CAD 250,000 to establish or acquire a fully legal business entity in New Brunswick
  •  Has a legal net worth of CAD 600,000, including 300,000 CAD of estimated cash flow for business investment.
  •  Deposit $ 100,000. This amount will be refunded once the investment commitment has been made
  •  At least 3 years within the last 5 years of senior business management experience.
  •  Possess a minimum foreign language exam certificate (English or French), exclusive of Club 5.0
  •  Qualified at least 2 years after high school
  •  Ages 22 – 55

7. Settling in Canada as business immigration in the Province of Manitoba

  • Minimum investment of CAD 250,000 if the business is in the central Manitoba area
  • Minimum assets of 500,000 CAD are verified and verified by 3rd parties
  • Minimum English proficiency at club / NCLC level 5 and high school graduation
  • The score required to be invited to apply
  • Request survey, business plan
  • Intend and likely to establish or acquire a Manitoba business within the first 24 months of arriving in Canada with a temporary work permit.

8. Settling in Canada as business immigration in the Province of British Columbia

  •  Applicants have at least 2 years of business experience.
  •  Total assets of at least 800,000 CAD with a clear proof of origin, and an investment of at least 400,000 CAD
  •  Applicants must demonstrate sufficient financial support for themselves and their families after immigrating to Canada and meeting other requirements of Canadian immigration law or Quebec province.

For any questions about the Canadian immigrant visa, please contact our Visa specialist immediately to consult and apply.